Frequent Questions

Luxury Cruising in Portugal
What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is a charter where a permanent crew takes care of the yacht and passengers. The crew is made up of a skipper and a hostess and some addittional crew if required.

Bareboat charter, is it possible?

A bareboat is simply a boat that is rented without crew or skipper. Private Yacht Charter does not provide any yacht without a minimum of 1 crew member.

What is the right boat for me?

All our boats have a skipper so you don´t have to worry about handling and sailing. The right boat is really up to you. Want to sail in the wind? Maybe some speed? Travelling alone or with family? Contact us for some advice on the best boat for your holidays.

Do I need a license to charter?

Because all boats include a skipper you do not need any valid license or previous sailing experience.

Which places should I visit?

The places to visit will be defined according to the duration of the stay and your own will. You sure can trust our skippers really know the best places to see and best bays to anchor.

I chose a skippered charter, can I still steer the yacht?

In case you have rented a boat with a skipper, the boat owner or the skipper is designated as the boat’s captain.

Provided that the skipper authorises it, you can take the helm and carry out certain sailing manoeuvres if the boat you have rented is a sailboat.

In the same vein, if you rent a motorbot the skipper can let you steer the vessel if you hold the relevant boating licence.

What are all the hidden extras?

We do not have hidden costs. The only extra cost to consider is fuel for motor boats. The fuel cost will depend on the trip. Feel free to ask us an accurate estimate of the costs for your desired trip.

What are the payments methods available?

Currently the only payment method available is bank transfer. We will provide you the account details once we arranged all payment details. In most cases we charge a 30% reservation fee and 70% on the day of the arrival.

Can I charter for less than a week?

Certainly. We offer a wide variety of boats and all boats have flexible reservation dates. The only exception is Saint Maxime that has a minimum 3 day reservation.

O que acontecerá se eu cancelar A MINHA RESERVA?

This will depend on the previous agreement and the time the cancellation is made before the arrival. If you cancel with less than 15 days notice, we will not refund the reservation cost.

O que falta para reservar?

    PreçoO barco certoOutro motivo

    Eu concordo com o armazenamento dos meus dados de acordo com as Políticas de Privacidade[acceptance]

    What is missing?

      PriceThe right YachtOther Reason

      Was fehlt Ihnen, um Ihre Reservierung abzuschließen?

        PreisDas richtige BootAnderer Grund